I.M. Good Snacks Updates Packaging and Rebrands to Reflect Buyers’ Desire for Healthy Food Choices

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I.M. Good Snacks Updates Packaging and Rebrands to Reflect Buyers’ Desire for Healthy Food Choices 

AKRON, OH – Hickory Harvest Foods introduces updated packaging for itsIMGood New Bags for Press Release “grab and go” convenience brand, I.M. Good Snacks.  Sold mostly to distributors/wholesalers and convenience store chains, the new eye-appealing, pre-printed packaging for its value-priced peg nut and tube nut product lines reflects consumer desire for healthy snacking options while on the go.

“Consumers are more aware of the health benefits from eating nuts and desire healthy options for snacking on the go,” said Mike Swiatkowski, vice president of sales.  “With our new packaging, customers will be drawn to making healthier snack choices at a fair price.”

The newly packaged products are packaged on fully automated processing lines with nitrogen flush prior to sealing, which ensures a longer shelf life.  In addition, I.M. Good Snack products are made with better quality nuts than most national brands, while offering a higher profit margin for retailers.

IM Good Snacks branded products are available in either pre-priced, suggested retail of $.59, $.99 and $1.99, or unpriced packages.

Hickory Harvest Foods, Inc., located in Akron, Ohio, offers the largest selection of premium roasted nuts, flavored nuts, trail/snack mixes, imported dried fruits, chocolates/yogurts and candies sourced from around the world and packaged with an emphasis on quality.   Brands include: Hickory Harvest Foods and IM Good Snacks sold through numerous retail outlets and full service distributors.  Check out Hickory Harvest Foods capabilities at www.hickoryharvest.com or call Mike Swiatkowski, vice president of sales, at 330-644-6266.

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