Is Hickory Harvest looking for additional distributors?
Yes.  We are actively looking for distributors who service markets throughout the United States.   Currently our packaging is only available for the U.S. market, but we are actively looking for international partners. If you’re interested in distributing the I.M. Good Snacks or Hickory Harvest Foods brand, please contact us.

Where can I buy Hickory Harvest or I.M. Good products?
Please send us your location (city and state) and the products you are looking for specifically and we will refer you to the nearest location(s).  To purchase licorice only online, visit www.licoricecandytwist.com

Does Hickory Harvest sell gift products?
Yes, we have an extensive selection of gift/candy items for all major holiday seasons.   Wholesale buyers please contact our customer service at 800-448-NUTS (6887) for a complete list of holiday items (including corporate gifts).

Can I sell Hickory Harvest products at my place of business?
Yes. We offer retailers a program that will suit the needs of virtually any sized business.   Our wide array of customers include grocery chains, convenience/travel stores, universities, commercial bakeries and food manufacturers, specialty food stores, gift stores and online gift food stores.

Are Hickory Harvest products kosher?
Yes, a majority of Hickory Harvest and I.M. Good brand products are Kosher certified (www.ok.org); however, due to certain ingredients and/or the manufacturing processes not all of our products can be Kosher certified. 

How long has Hickory Harvest been producing snacks and mixes?
Hickory Harvest has been in the business for more than 40 years.  Visit our about us page for details.

Where are these products made?
We source raw nuts and  dried fruits from the U.S. and around the world to find the best tasting products.  We roast, process, and package all our products at our facility.

How long do your products stay fresh?

We utilize nitrogen flush technology that preserves quality and extends shelf life.  On each package there is best buy date listed indicating the last day the product should be consumed for maximum freshness.  The shelf life of any product depends on the ingredients, packaging and storage conditions.

Do you sell your products on-line?

No, please contact us to find the closest retailer or distributor near you.