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My Kind of Shopping

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When my wife goes shopping, she buys shoes for her endless collection.  When I go shopping, I buy industrial equipment.  I enjoy a good industrial auction every now and again.   It’s the type of shopping I can stand.   Just recently I found some great slightly used equipment that will be installed in the near future to expand our manufacturing capabilities.   We are adding a third nut roasting line that expands our capability to honey coat all types of nuts.  Ever try a honey roasted cashew?  If not, I highly recommend it.  I...

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Welcome to Joe Knows Nuts

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Welcome to the Hickory Harvest blog — Joe knows nuts.   This blog is designed to share industry knowledge about nuts, candy and the snack industry, which Hickory Harvest serves.  As a self-proclaimed Nutman — it’s true — I have the vanity plates to prove it.   It’s my job to know about nuts, nut commodity prices and what is going on in the industry.  So if you are interested in these things, and perhaps hearing a bit about Hickory Harvest and the nuts that make up the joint, then I invite you to read along. &

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Leaders for Leggett 2012

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Giving back is something that is important to me.   My family often claims I go overboard, especially at the holiday times, but I just enjoy giving.   Last year I was a part of the Leadership Akron Class 28, a group of leaders in the Akron area who spend a year learning more about the community and how they can give back.   After the pinnacle year in my professional development, I was looking for a way to give back to the community I have called home my entire life.   So this year, I teamed with a fellow Leadership Akron classmate to...

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