Our Brands

Our Brands.  Or Yours. We offer two signature brands-- Hickory Harvest Foods and I.M. Good Snacks.   But if you prefer your own brand, we do that too.  Whatever you choose -- our brand or your private label brand -- the same quality, great taste and consistency is assured.

Hickory Harvest Foods

Our signature brand of premium nuts, snacks, trail mixes and candies.


I.M. Good Snacks

The I.M. Good brand continues to grow through full-service distributor programs for convenience stores and select retailers.


Private Brands

Producing private label of our premium products is where our flexibility and experience really delivers.   We understand the needs of our partners who are looking for a manufacturer to produce products under their own brand.

Bulk Nuts

We offer our top quality roasted/flavored nuts and snacks in bulk for customers who look to repack and distribute excellent tasting products for their customers.

honey roasted peanuts