Our Family


Mike, Darlene and Joe

Our Family As a third-generation, family-owned business, with many long-time loyal employees, we have a very dedicated team.

Key Team Members

Darlene Swiatkowski, CEO
Darlene serves as CEO of Hickory Harvest.   Part of the Hickory Harvest family from the beginning, Darlene oversees finance/accounting, human resources, and customer service.

Joe Swiatkowski, President
Joe knows nuts.   It’s true, as president of the company, and widely-proclaimed “nutman”(he even has vanity plates), Joe starts every day reviewing commodity nut pricing.  Joe is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, procurement, pricing, and capital expenses. Contact Joe at joe@hickoryharvest.com.

Mike Swiatkowski, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
When Mike was 5-years-old, he created the #1 selling Mikey’s Mix — a blend of roasted salty nuts, raisins, and chocolate candies.  He is responsible for all company customers, marketing, and promotions. Contact Mike at mike@hickoryharvest.com.

“As CEO of Hickory Harvest, I am proud of the company my sons have helped me grow — one that truly blossomed after they stepped into their leadership roles in 2003.   As a mother, I am proud of the men they have become with strong values, integrity, work ethic, and above all — heart.”   — Darlene Swiatkowski