Our Capabilities

At Hickory Harvest, we’re committed to quality, innovation and value. We operate a state-of-the-art facility full of top-notch equipment that enables us to produce a diverse range of products for our customers. This vertical integration means shorter production cycles and lower costs for you! Take a look at our in-house capabilities.

Nut Roasting and Flavoring

All of our nuts are roasted in house. We also offer honey roasting, as well as 10+ delicious flavors, including favorites like sweet chili mango, BBQ and sriracha. We can even custom create flavors!


Panning is the process of coating nuts and dried fruits. Hickory Harvest offers clean-ingredient coatings like pure milk and dark chocolate and natural yogurt, as well as value-boosting options like chocolaty, yogurt and flavored yogurt.


Enrobing is another coating process and an important part of our chocolate-making business. With our automated enrobing capability, we are able to provide delicious snacks, including yogurt, chocolaty and peanut butter-coated pretzels and peanuts.


At Hickory Harvest, we strive to develop flavorful mixes that meet the changing pallet of the American consumer. Our premium blends are hand-mixed for quality and meet consumer demand with options like breakfast blends, clean-ingredient mixes and organic selections.


Hickory Harvest also has in-house packaging capabilities. Take a look!